Sunday, 11 April 2010

Enter the Secret Garden ;) - SOLD

Enter the Secret Garden

Is your baby already a fashionista? Tired of pastel and neutral colours?
Then the "Secret Garden" Blankie is what you were looking for.
Finally! A beautiful crocheted baby blanket in very trendy and fashionable colours!
Crocheted in warm wool and acrylic blends, easy to wash and super soft!

Photobucket Available at: my DaWanda store
PhotobucketAvailable at: my Etsy store

ATTENTION - CUSTOMIZABLE!! This blanket can be made in any colour combination and size! Please email me for costs and availability :) Other, more boy-ish, pattern combinations are also available :)

Blanket details:

Blankie is 72 x 60 cm (28 x 23 inches). It fits baby carts, beds...

Materials utilised
100% wool yarn and acrylic/wool blends

More pictures:

Secret Garden Blankie
border detail

Secret Garden Blankie
pattern close-up

Secret Garden Blankie
pattern overview

SCD was also featured on Flickr "Explore" page today... yay!

Explore??? wow!