Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Little Mermaid - baby blanket

Hi everyone!
Long time no see, uh? It's been a busy period and and even busier one is coming ahead! I am moving into a new apartment with my bf in two weeks and searching for a flat has been hectic! In addiction to that, the latest heat wave here in Austria hasn't really made me feel in the mood to crochet anything :(

I have finished this project already a while ago and I hope yo will like it. I have also some accesoires coming (read: pins and hair clips) and I hope the move will go smoothly and esp that I will have internet access again soon! So stay tuned!

Little Mermaid - baby blanket

A beautiful crocheted baby/toddler blanket in very trendy and fashionable colours with a wavy pattern!

Crocheted in acrylic blends, easy to wash and resistent :) This yarn is so soft that YOU'll be tempted to snuggle under it!:D

Blanket details:

 100% acrylic, machine washable 30°C, no iron.

Size: ca. 80 x 70 cm (31 x 27 inches).

Photobucket Available at: my DaWanda store
PhotobucketAvailable at: my Etsy store

ATTENTION - CUSTOMIZABLE!! This blanket can be made in any colour combination and size! Please email me for costs and availability :) Other, more boy-ish, pattern combinations are also available :)

More pictures:

Baby blanket


Baby blanket